Mobile Food Processing Center

Mobile · Extendable · Customized · Made in Germany
- Ecxlusively by DMS -

One Container – all Options

The Mobile Food Processing Centre allows you to match the entire end-to-end process to the consumer. All types of units can be combined: production, processing, cooling, sales rooms as well as kitchens and diner configurations are feasible.

Extendable anytime

The food containers can be extended at any stage – additional units can be applied even after launch.

We partner with interior design specialists to realize every customer request individually.

Custom Built

The equipment and interior completion is entirely designed to meet your individual needs.
From cooling chambers for production to floor heating for sales rooms or other usages – every unit can be separately equipped for different types of usage.
The container roof can also be used as a terrace thanks to stainless steel stairs specifically designed for the purpose.

Your advantages


You decide upon the location.


Endless scalability by adding individually configured containers.

Lease not ownership.

We take back the entire complex if needed.

Fully functional in 5 steps!


The substructure is laid out, aligned

and fastened.


The containers are delivered on site and fixed in their final position.

The units get interconnected and first external supplies are attached.


The space between groups of units are roofed

to create connecting corridors.


Additional installations like roofing, illuminated advertising

or roof terraces with side access are set up.


The interior design is finished,

machines and equipment are installed and all connections are established.


You are ready to produce, process and sell food in your customized rooms!


We design and build all parts and work with
regional partners

We take care of all all steps including design and planning, construction, delivery, installation and launch of your custom made food centre!

Come and see our sample food centre in Saarbrücken!

Call us for an individual appointment.