Convection Oven DKD 0311 GN

Convection Oven DKD 0311 GN

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Complete control over the cooking process

The innovative technology of the convection oven DKD 0311 GN let’s one master even the most complicated dishes.
The intuitive touchscreen user interface not only let’s one make all the adjustments to the cooking process, the intelligent system even checks every adjustment and makes suggestions in optimizing the cooking process, so that the best result is always guaranteed.
Each individual cooking program can be customized and saved and allow for every user to repeat the perfect cooking process.


Machine Type

  • Manual baking modes
  • Convection baking: 30 °C – 260 °C
  • Steam and convection baking
  • Mixed humidity and convection baking
  • Dry air baking
  • Core probe
  • Delta T baking with core probe
  • Advanced and automatic baking programming
  • Store up to 256 user’s programs
  • LCD Touchscreen user interface
  • Humidity 30% to 90%
  • 3 reversing fans
  • 2 fan speeds

Also available in the smaller versions DKD 06 EU and DKD 10 EU

No. of baking traysmax. 4max. 6max. 10
Tray distance (mm)808080
Max temperature (°C)260260260
Power (kW)7,610,115,7
Voltage (V)400400400
Safety fuse (A)161632
Dimensions (mm)
Height 6248201140
Weight (kg) 6086118
Options▪ Exhaust hood
▪ Lower frame
▪ Filtration system
▪ Exhaust hood
▪ Lower frame
▪ Filtration system
▪ Exhaust hood
▪ Lower frame
▪ Filtration system