Disinfection Cabinet DSS 15 K


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    Machine type

    • Stainless-steel machine casing
    • Removable stainless-steel basket
    • Disinfection with UV light
    • Disinfection time controllable via mechanical timer
    • Max 120 min
    • Door with magnetic security sensor, turn automatically off when opened
    • Easy to install


    Electrical details

    • 230 V, 50 Hz
    • infinitely adjustable cutting thickness
    • Disinfection UV light 15 W, service life about 8.000h
    DSS 15 KDSS 20 K
    No. of knives1530
    TypeRemovable basketRemovable basket
    UV-lamp (W)1530
    Power (V)230 V, 50 Hz230 V, 50 Hz
    Dimensions (mm)
    Weight (kg)8.514
    Options▪ Without door lock
    ▪ With door lock
    ▪ Without door lock
    ▪ With door lock