Food Former DHF 2000

The DHF 200 is a drum-type former designed to form up to 800 patties per hour. Form round, oval, square, choppette or natural shape portions. Our patty former provides precise portion control of hamburgers, meatballs and fish cake.

A drum-type former gently forms the portions with minimum pressure. Homemade style patties are deposited onto the discharge conveyor with or without paper for further processing or packaging.

The mix is placed in the hopper and the rotating propellers gently feed the product into the cavity of the drum forming the shape and weight you require.

The thickness of the patties, thus the weight, can be continuously adjusted from 5-25 mm. Special sizes are available

As the drum rotates, the piston is pushed out of the drum and a stainless steel wire strips the portion from the piston and the product is deposited onto the conveyor belt.

The machine has a continuously adjustable speed.

Can be operated via foot pedal.

DHF 2000
Continuous belt speedYes
Max Paper Dimension (mm)135 x 135
Max Diameter Single Shape (mm)130
Max Diameter Double Shape (mm)2 x 50
Hopper size (L)20
Power (kW)0,75
Voltage (V)230
Dimensions (mm)
Width 570
Weight (kg)68
Options• Hopper: 40 liters
• Mobile stand
• Longer conveyor belt 820 mm
• Paper dispenser: max paper dimensions 135 x 135 mm
• Foot Pedal