Hydraulic Filling Machine DF 40 X


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    Compact and powerful filler for large volumes

    On account of its compact, robust, and highly efficient method of construction, the hydraulic filling machine DF 40 X is an ideal device for medium sized butcher’s shops.
    The 40 litre cylinder allows filling large volumes into big calibers, which is especially useful for processing large amounts of the same sort of sausage meat. The filling speed can be regulated by a steering valve located in a user friendly position on the front of the machine. The machine also allows the setting of the piston retreat.
    Even so the DF 40 X is a mobile machine, its high dead-weight guarantees a good stability. Both the removable knee pedal and filling piston ensure a simple cleaning.
    The high method of construction offers a perfect level to work on the machine and it allows the user to stand conveniently while working. The ergonomic knee lever is extremely easy to operate. Mounting the attached filling pipes by bolting with stainless-steel screws turns out to be very basic.
    The closed oil system and its stainless-steel oil tank prevent cetergent and condensation water from interrupting the oil circulation. This way, maintenance is needed to a low degree and the service life of both the hydraulic pump and the valves is increased. Since the piston rod is made of stainless-steel, a high service life of the hydraulic cylinders is guaranteed as well.

    Machine Type

    • completely stainless-steel
    • stainless-steel cylinders
    • pistons simply removable
    • infinitely variable filling speed
    • removable knee pedal
    • mobile edition
    • 3 stainless steel filling pipes
    • removable machine cover



    • maintenance-free electric engine with hydraulic pump
    • 1,5 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz



    • closed hydraulic system
    • stainless-steel oil tank separately integrated in cabinet
    • high hydraulic pump pressure
    DF 150 EDF 250 XDF 25 CDF 40 X
    Cylinder volume (litres)15252540
    Pump pressure (bar)120130150150
    Power (kW)0,550,751,51,5
    Voltage (V)400400400400
    Control voltage (V)24242424
    Safety Fuse (A)16 (delay)16 (delay)16 (delay)16 (delay)
    Dimensions (mm)
    Weight (kg)100130130210
    AccessoriesTool to dismantle pistons
    3 filling pipes
    (14, 20, 30 mm)
    Tool to dismantle pistons
    3 filling pipes
    (14, 20, 30 mm)
    Tool to dismantle pistons
    3 filling pipes
    (14, 20, 30 mm)
    Tool to dismantle pistons
    3 filling pipes
    (14, 20, 30 mm)