Knife Sharpener DCS 5


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    The electric knife-sharpener that maintains the sharpness of your knives and restores the sharp edge. The appliance is equipped with a unique sharpening-wheel that sharpens the knife by 20 ceramic pins that are positioned crosswise in a wheel that rotates with a speed of 330 rpm.

    The ceramic pins guarantee a careful and efficient sharpening that forms the knife-edge in a correct angle. The sharpening-wheel with the 20 ceramic pins is a Swedish patented invention.
    For very dull knives, a more aggressive sharpening method might be required and we then recommend that the knives are given to a professional for sharpening instead.

    DNBS 200 DDCS 5
    Number of grinding belts1-
    Number of grinding heads-1
    Dimensions of grinding belt (mm)880 x 50-
    Dimensions polishing wheel (mm)200-
    Revolutions per minute2950330
    Voltage (V)400230
    Power (kW)0,370,3
    Dimensions (mm)
    Weight (kg)290,7