Manual Packaging Machine DHA 400

Packaging machine DHA 400

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Keeping it fresh

The packaging machine for fish DHA 400 is used exclusively for packaging fish with tubular film. On account of it’s well thought out method of construction it is ideal for packaging without any leackage or odour in medium sized butcher’s shops and for supermarkets.
The space saving design makes it either ideal for the sales counter or it can be equipped with a mobile table.


Machine Type

  • Stainless-steel packaging table
  • Double roll table
  • Easy to use
  • continuously adjustable heat dial, with control light
  • pressing arm equipped with a blade for cutting the tubular foil
  • high stability due to anti-slipping rubber feet
  • easy to clean
DHA 400DHDH 650DHAF 420DHAH 420
Width of the cutting bar (mm)400650420420
Power (W)400450400400
Voltage (V)230230230230
Dimensions (mm)
Weight (kg)818,011,012,6
OptionsMobile StandMobile StandMobile StandMobile Stand