Shish Kebab Maker DASM 10


      The shish kebab maker DASM 10 is used to insert up to 10 skewers in a food-filled tray.
      The following shish kebabs can be produced:

      • meat
      • vegetables
      • cheese
      • fruits
      • mixed

      The chambers in the tray can be filled individually
      and to your liking.


      The skewers are placed in front of the machine in a positioning device.
      Then they are pushed through the individual chambers of the tray by two rubber rolls.
      The process of pushing the skewer through the chambers takes about 3 seconds.
      With 1 person working with 1 tray an hourly rate of 200-250 shish kebabs is reasonable.
      If there‘s a higher number of filled trays at hand and hourly rate of 1.000 shish kebabs is reasonable.


      • stainless steel body
      • exchangeable trays
      • high stability
      • easy to use push buttons
      • easy to clean because most parts can be exchanged
      • safety switch in the stainless steel body
      • max of 10 skewers can be used at a time
      • 6 chamber can be filled per skewer
        (in the standard tray)
       DASM 10
      Skewer diameter (mm)2,5 - 5
      Skewer length (mm)120 - 300
      Skewer typeWood, bambus or stainless steel
      Voltage (V)230
      Power (W)250
      Dimensions (mm)
      Weight (kg)29
       Cassette 27x27 mmCassette 27x40 mmCassette 35x35 mm
      Length (mm)315315315
      Width (mm)200250250
      Cavity size (mm) 27x2727x4035x35
      Cavities per skewer645
      Skewers per cassette10108
      Max. skewer length (mm)250300300