Vacuum Packaging Machines DMV 620 LL

Vacuum packager (Vakuumverpacker) DMV 620 LL

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Machine Type

  • Completely stainless-steel
  • Floor model
  • Double chamber, separately controllable
  • Stainless-steel lid, curved
  • Seal length 2x 620 mm in the front and the back of the chamber
  • Max. usable vacuum bag size 600 x 500 mm
  • Insert plate, to accustom different height in the chamber
  • High performance vacuum pump, 63 m³ power
  • Vacuum time continuously adjustable
  • Sealing time continuously adjustable
  • Easy to use
  • Indication of waterproofness IP 65


  • Cut off sealing
  • Progressive ventilation
  • Protective atmosphere
  • High performance vacuum pump, 21 m³ power
DMV 271DMV 401DMV 461DMV 620 LL
Net usable seal length (mm)2804202 x 520620
Max. product height (mm)100180220230
Net usable chamber size LxW (mm)280 x 310420 x 370500 x 520620 x 520
Seal configurationLLS&S2 x LL
Double fin sealing
Lid typeDomed lidDomed lidDomed lidDomed stainless
steel lid
Vacuum Pump volume (m3)4214063
Voltage (V)220/240V - 1Ph - 50/60Hz220/240V - 1Ph - 50/60Hz400V - 3Ph - 50Hz400V - 3Ph - 50Hz
Dimensions (mm)
Weight (kg)2755137425