Mobile Food Factory DFP 2000 C

THE innovation - revealed at the EuroShop fair in March 2017:The mobile and modular Meat Processing Unit allows seamless, continuous meat and sausage processing during renovations.

Custom Manufacuring

Equipped according to your needs and requirements.

Extensible Anytime

Add machines for packaging, cooking or entire containers anytime.

Equipped with DMS Machines

From mincers to cutters - all DMS quality machines.

One Day Setup

We deliver by crane truck and set up the entire unit in half a day's time.

Maximum mobility

Ready for use on the next site the day after your renovations are done.

Total Cost Control

Fixed price or rental - you are in control of the costs.

Call us at +49 (0) 68 98 / 93 37 - 0 for a demo appointment !



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