Keeping your knives razor sharp at all times - in a simple and professional way.

SharpX sharpening technology

In order for a knife to stay sharp as long as possible, it must be sharpened in the right angle, the blade remaining in the center while a convex shape with right angle is placed against the cutting edge. SharpX enables you to do so thanks to its patented technology with resilient, diamond-coated blades. When the knife is pressed down into the rotating grinding head, the blades bend at the right angle and grind both sides of the blade simultaneously to the desired shape. The cutting edge thus always remains in the middle.

Advantages of SharpX

  • Easy to use and provides an optimum result for grinding.
  • Superior Sharpness. "Rasiermesserschärfe"
  • Stays sharp for a longer time.
  • Knife grinds quickly and easily.(approx 10 seconds)
  • Requires little space.



Sharp X Compact»

The unique grinding wheel of this electric knife sharpener is staffed with 20 ceramic pins »

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