Cutter DMK 45 V2

Cutter DMK 45 V2

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Robust Cutter with a variety of applications

This high quality cutter is built to guarantee the production of a variety of food. The efficiency of the engines (11 KW) in combination with the continuously adjustable knife speed (1000 – 3600 rpm) and the continuously adjustable mixing gear (100 – 300 rpm) allow a wide variety of applications.
The clearly arranged control panel with its push and rotary buttons guarantee a user friendly usage of the machine. The field of use is expanded by the separately controllable bowl speed with its two speeds: 9 or 18.

Professional Design

On account of its compact, robust and precise method of construction the DMK 45 V2 can be perfectly used by medium sized butcher shops and supermarkets.
It’s reasoned design offers nearly unrestricted use for all applications. The machine is equipped with two highly efficient engines which can be operated independently from one another and provide a variety of control.
The DMK 45 V2 is nearly free from vibrations – even on higher rpm – which is what makes it an attractive product. The large scale manufacture of the individual components is very well-balanced. The massive stainless-steel bowl runs in an extremely precise way. Therefore it is possible to adjust the blades inside the bowl very tight. Due to the bearing of the blades of the DMK 45 V2 can be run permanently at a high rpm without any difficulties.

Machine Type

  • completely stainless-steel
  • massive stainless-steel bowl
  • very exact and maintenancefree blade unit
  • 6 stainless-steel blades
  • narrow blade clearance inside the bowl
  • good stability
  • nearly free from vibrations when running because of naps beneath the machine
  • double-walled cover made of plexiglass, noiseless
  • analogous thermometer, easily legible
  • 6 stainless steel blades, 7 stainless-steel attachment rings, 2 keys


Drive & Control

  • knife block engine with
    electromagnetic break
    400V / 11 kW
  • Break releasable via springloaded- switch for cleaning purposes with lid open
  • the numbers of revolution are continuously adjustable from 1000rpm to 3600rpm
  • mixing reverse blade speed – continuously adjustable from 100rpm to 300rpm
  • separate bowl drive with directly flanged, maintenance-free gear
  • two revolution counter per drive unit from one another
  • protective caps for buttons, simple to operate and easy to clean


Security Features

  • safety device when switching
    off according to UVV
  • safety device when interfering
    according to UVV
  • noise protection cover
  • Knife-shaft break
  • emergency off-button
  • machine meets HACCP and UVV
  • BG certified
DMK 20 SDMK 20 C2DMK 45 V2DMK 45 C2DMK 80 C2 / C2 AWDMK 80 V2 / V2 AWDMK 120 V2 / V2 AW
Bowl volume (litres)202045458080120
Capacity (ca. kg)16163232646496
Number of blades3666666
Revolution (rpm)1400 / 28001500 / 30001000 - 36001500 / 30001500 / 30001000 - 36001000 - 4000
Mixing gear (rpm)--150 - 300-150 - 300150 - 300
Power of blade shaft (kW)2,7 / 3,43,3 / 4,5118,0 / 9,518,0 / 21,02330
Voltage (V)400400400400400400400
Control voltage (V)24242424242424
Safety Fuse (A)16 (delay)16 (delay)32 (delay)32 (delay)63 (delay)63 (delay)63 (delay)
Dimensions (mm)
Width83083010711071135213521380 / 2230
Weight (kg)1402003953801030 / 10801200 / 12501900 / 1965
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Mechanical release unit
DMK 80 V2 AW
Mechanical release unit
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