Automatic Filling Machine DF 32 A

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The allrounder for the sausage kitchen

On account of it’s compact, robust and highly efficient method of construction, the automatic filling machine DF 32 A is an ideal device for filling, portioning and twisting of all kinds of sausages. With a portioning speed of up to 200 portions/minute and a portioning range of 5g to 10.000g (adjustable in 0,1g steps) the machine is ideal for medium sized butcher’s shops, and for shift working supermarkets.Even so the DF 32 A is a mobile machine, it’s high dead-weight guarantees a good stability. The user-friendly touchscreen allows to easily make all the adjustments in weight, number of portions, number of twists and the time between the portions.

The closed oil system and it’s stainless-steel oil tank prevent detergent and condensation water from interrupting the oil circulation. This way, maintenance is needed to a low degree and the service life of both the hydraulic pump and the valves is increased. Since the piston rod is made of stainless-steel, a high service life of the hydraulic cylinders is guaranteed as well.

Machine Type

  • completely stainless-steel
  • Cylinder volume: 32 Ltrs.
  • Stainless-steel cylinder
  • Polyethylene piston
  • Machine for filling, portioning, twisting of kinds of sausages
  • Portioning speeds: up to 200 portions/minute
  • Portioning range: 5g – 10.000g, adjustable in 0,1g steps
  • Programmable are:
    – Weight of the portions
    – Number of portions
    – Number of twists
    – Time between portions
  • User-friendly touchscreen
  • Protection cover for touchscreen
  • Mobile edition



  • maintenance-free electric engine with hydraulic pump
  • 2,6 kW / 400 V / 50 Hz
  • CEE jack 16 A



  • closed hydraulic system
  • stainless-steel oil tank separately integrated in cabinet
  • Pump pressure: 130 bar
DF 32 A
Cyliner volume (l)32
Pump pressure (bar)160
Max portions/minute200
No. of twists0 - 10
Power (kW)2,6
Voltage (V)400
Control voltage (V)24
Safety fuse (A)16 (delay)
Dimensions (mm)
Weight (kg)380
Accessories▪ Tool to dismantle pistons
▪ 3 filling pipes (14, 20, 30 mm)