Floor Model Grinder DSW 114 D

Standwolf DSW 114 D

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Excellent transport and cutting properties, even with larger batches

The mincer DSW 114 D is the ideal machine for professional meat processing in medium sized butcher’s shops, and shift working supermarkets.
On account of it’s highly efficient method of construction, combined with the hopper capacity of 50Ltr., the Mincer DSW 114 D produces a theoretical debit of 1600 kg/h.
The machine casing can be taken apart very quickly and easily. The smooth surfaces and the swing-away protection of the feeding funnel (equipped with a magnetic security sensor), both make for an easy cleaning of the machine.
On demand the machine can be equipped with a separating device for separating the minced meat from sinews and gristles.

Machine Type

  • Completely stainless-steel
  • Worm and worm casing stainless-steel
  • Spilling protection cover stainless-steel (equipped with a magnetic security sensor)
  • Removable worm casing
  • swing-away protection for the feeding funnel (equipped with a magnetic security sensor)
  • Hopper capacity: 50 Ltr.
  • Theoretical debit: 1600 kg/h



  • Attention-free gearmotor as direct drive
  • 1 number of revolutions for the mixing function, forwards and backwards
  • 1 number of revolutions
  • 2,2 kW / 0,55 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz
  • On-/Off push buttons
  • CEE jack 16 A
DSW 114 DDSW 32 D
Cutting SystemUnger D 114, 5 pcs. consisting of:

▪ 1 pre cutter
▪ 2 breaker plates of your choice
▪ 2 knives
▪ 1 plain washer, narrow
Enterprise E32, 2-pcs. consisting of:

▪ 1 knife
▪ Breaker plate of your choice
▪ 1 plain washer, narrow
Theoretical flow rate (kg/h)16001600
Insertion chute with safety magnet sensor (mm)95 x 9595 x 95
Power (kW)44
Voltage (V)400400
Safety Fuse (A)1616
Dimensioms (mm)
Weight (kg)140140
Accessories▪ 1 stamper
▪ 1 Tool to dismantle
the cutting unit
▪ 1 wrench for the cap nut
▪ 1 stamper
▪ 1 Tool to dismantle
the cutting unit
▪ 1 wrench for the cap nut